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After wedding session in the Green Lake // Upper Austria

After wedding sessions can be just as magical as a session at your wedding day if not more. Instead of having a session in the middle of what usually is quite a stressful day you can do it a day or even a week or more after. You can choose a location you always dreamed of shooting in, have zero stress, take the time to enjoy the beauty around you and to spend the day with your favourite person! And let’s not talk about how awesome it feels to get to wear your wedding dress again 😉 . 
Berfin & Mehmet have both really big families and the wedding they where planning was full of events. When we set down and talked about their wedding day they told me that the most important thing for them is to have beautiful photos of the both of them in a beautiful location. The thing was that having their session during the wedding stressed them out because they felt that with so many guests they prefer to stay and not leave the party.
In my opinion when ever you come across something that makes you stressed about your wedding try to find a way and see if you can change things around to take the stress off of your shoulders. And so instead of doing a session during their wedding we decided to do it a week after. We choose together a location that connected to them, a place where we knew they can create beautiful memories in and we just spend there the whole afternoon hiking around and enjoying the beautiful day we got.
We had a bit of rain but we didn’t care at all, the rain only made it better! Berfin didn’t had to worry about her dress because it was after the wedding already and so mud and dirt did not stop us 🙂 .
This day was no less beautiful, intimate or romantic then their wedding day because strong moments are happening every single day, no matter what day it is. 
When you love someone your love should be celebrated every second of every day!

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