wedding session in höllental austria

Summer wedding in Schloss Wartholz -Reichenau

A perfect summer wedding in the beautiful Schloss Wartholz in Reichenau, Lower Austria. So happy I got to be a part of this beautiful wedding. 
The day started with blue skies and almost no clouds and during the day the weather changed like a million times, I’m not kidding! We where actually so lucky because 30 minutes before we went to shoot the wedding session in the Höllental, the skies broke down and it was not only raining but crazy rain like I’ve rarely seen! But five minutes before we left to shoot the rain stopped and we where able to go out and shoot. The second amazing thing that happened next was that we got to the river and the temperature difference between the water and the air created this crazy fog that came across the water making it feel like we in some moody film. It was beautiful.
Funny story – When we got ready to go to shoot the wedding session Julia forgot her shoes and we couldn’t find them anywhere. Thinking they might be back in the hotel we drove there together but still the shoes where not found. So what did awesome Julia did, she put on her dad’s shoes and that’s where her shoes for the rest of the session. And yes, they where huge but she just laughed about it and rocked it all the way! 

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