It's all about those moments we want to go back too

This is all about you. It’s about telling YOUR story and no one else’s. Your story is special, it’s unique. It’s about your intimacy, your privet jokes and your special connection

Capturing those special moments is my passion. There is no other feeling in the world to me like capturing these big and small moments in life and give them back to you to hold forever. Your photos are going to tell your story. They are going to take you back in time so that you can laugh and cry all over again, remembering how beautiful it all was.





My favourite thing is to tell your story. Every reason to capture your love is good enough reason for me! Wether it's your engagement, anniversary or you just decided it's time to invest in yourself, I'm there! This is about having a supper fun time on a mountain or in your loving room with me as your third wheel ;)

Starting at 450€


This is for the ones who decided to not only get married but make a crazy awesome adventure out of it! This is for the brave hearts who always dreamed of getting married on a top of a mountain, the middle of the desert or any other location you ever dreamed off. If you want to get married with only the two of you this one is for you!

Starting at 2100€


Wedding days are full emotions, tears and laughter. For me shooting your wedding means I get to share all these moments with you. I'm gonna cheer with your friends, dance with you on the dance floor and be a part of every moment you guys share. This day is the day when you say yes to the one you can't see your life without.

Starting at 1700€
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