Intimate elopement in the forest of Tyrol, Austria // Jasmina & Stefan

There are million different ways to celebrate your wedding. For some celebrating it with a lot of people is the right way to go and for others keeping it small and intimate is a much better fit. I love all kinds of weddings but I have a special spot in my heart for the small and intimate kind. 
J & S felt that their special day should be celebrated with their closest friends and family in the middle of the forest in Tyrol, Upper Austria. We drove up there a day before, giving us time to see the location and meet Jasmina and Stefan. We arrived late afternoon and went strait to meet them. The location of the ceremony took my breath away… Hidden in the middle of the woods, far from any village or town. It was simply a perfect spot to declare their love for each other. 
After we put our bags in our cute little guest house we went to help them with cleaning the forest. We cleaned the floor, put decorations around and hanged lamps from the trees. Meanwhile enjoying a bear and a good conversation. All the deco was simply hand made and easily assembled, leaving no room for stress before the wedding.
On there wedding day there wasn‘t even one dry eye in the crowd. It was emotional and beautiful and so inspiring. It felt like the world was even smiling at these two. Their love touched every soul that was there that day. 
While the ceremony was held in the woods the dinner and party  where celebrated in a 200 years old wooden farm house, giving the evening a warm homey vibe. J & S and their closest friends came the day before to hang up all the lights and deco and the result was magnificent. 
Me and Martin stayed celebrating with them until 2 in the morning because we just didn’t wanted to leave! We danced and sang and had the best time with all the amazing people there till our lags couldn’t move anymore. 
We are so thankful for weddings like this and for meeting so many beautiful people who we can call now our friends. 

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