Doris & Klaus – love in the woods

Doris & Klaus’s engagement session was such a fun and pure celabration of love! For me engagement sessions are very important. I get to spend the day with my couples, to know them, how they react to my camera and to me of course. It’s also a day where they get to meet me! To ask whatever they want, to feel how it is to stand infront of a camera. When the wedding day comes it makes the wedding shootings so much esier! for all of us.

But doris and Klaus where something special. The rock infront of the camera! It is as if they where meant to be captured! Doring the session I didn’t had to tell the even once what to do! They where so in sinc, compelitly with each other, not noticing that I was standing right there!

Thier beauty is shown in each and every single image. It’s a kind of beauty that will last a life time.

And here it is…






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