Denise & Andie – engagement session

When I meet Denise & Andie to shoot thier engagement session I felt like I was meeting two of my best frineds! This is my favorit thing about my work. My couples! My couples insipre me with thier love stories. They open up to me in thier most intimate, most beautiful moments, and they let me be there and capture thoes moments.

We meet Denise and Andie at thier cute and lovely home, for a coffee and en awesome cake Denise made, and first we just set and talk about us, getting to know each other and having fun just sitting togather telling stories. I am always up for some coffee and good conversation with good people! We started the session there, in thier living room. Runing some jokes and just laughing togather, we had en awesome time! When the sun came a bit down we went to the fields, owned by her family and it was simply amazing to see her runing with her love, Andie, in the fields where she ran as a childe! It was emotional and beautiful!

I am so thankful that I happend to be a part of it, and to be there also for thier wedding next year!

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