Barbara & Dieter – intimate wedding day

There is a different feel to en intimate wedding. Even though for me every wedding is a fun, full of life and love kind of day, I still have a soft spot for thoes small intimate ones… When the couple is srounded only with thier best friends and closest family members.

This was the kind of wedding Barbara & Dieter had. The whole wedding was happening in a small and supper cute coffee shop, with only few tables around and decorated till the last detail! Thier 20 guests where thier best friends and closest family and I was so thankfull to be included in such en intimate celabration!

For all of you beautifl couples, if you ask me, intimate weddings like these are worth every second! They are much less stresful when it comes to organizing it, and much more relaxed. So go ahead, pick up some of your best frineds and celabrate with your closets people!

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