Hey guys I am Faran!

I am so happy you made it here! Getting to know your photographer is a very important part in choosing the right photographer for you! You should choose a photographer that you feel you can be yourself with, someone you would like to have standing next to you in some of the most intimate and emotional moments in your life. That is a big decision to make. So I am going to tell you a bit about myself, where I come from and what inspires me in photography and life.

Me and my messy hair 🙂

A little bit about me:

So I am an Israeli girl living in Austria with my amazing husband Martin and our dog Pupik. I was raised in a tiny Kibbutz in the middle of the desert in Israel, pretty much in the end of the world. I grow up around wild life, nature and a lot of sand storms! At the age of 16 I lost my mom to cancer. She was my best friend and my partner in crime and after losing her my life changed for ever. I learned to appreciate life, beauty and simple moments that we usually just forget about but for me these are the most important ones. I can safely say that this is what brought me into photography and what inspires me in my work.
Growing up in a country that is basically a war zone had a big influence on me. There are a lot of great things about Israel, but there is also a lot of hate, pain and fear. It was never for me because I believe in the good in people, in the beauty of our world and I believe that life and love are bigger then war and hatred. Love should be our goal in life and my passion is to try and spread around as much love as I can.
Capturing real moments and telling love stories is my way to put good back in the world and to remind us what is really worth our time.

How I work with my couples and what I try to create:

We all know this feeling of life just passing us by. It sometimes feels like we did nothing big or important and that we just wasted our time. I want to stop it! I want to make my couples, you guys, stop and remember that life is not only about the big things but it’s about the little ones. It’s about remembering to say “I love you”, it’s about waking up in the morning with a smile because your favourite person is laying right next to you. It’s about all the tiny things that happens during the day that we forget to stop and thank for. I want to capture those real and natural moments that happen every day. Those moments that after words we want to go back to.
Whether it’s your wedding day or whether you just want to capture your love, you should remember this: those tiny moments are the ones that tell your story, and your story is what’s worth remembering! There is no such thing as perfect love or perfect couple or even a perfect wedding day but there is perfection in happiness and beauty when two people come together and create something new, a new love story.
So if you are looking for a photographer to just come shoot and go, well that is not me because I am going to dance at your wedding, climb to the highest peaks for you, make you laugh, run and jump! I am going to enjoy every moment with you because you guys and your story means the world to me!

So are you ready for some adventures? Because I can’t wait to share those with you!

Contact me here to start and feel free to ask me anything!