couples session in the forest Austria

From the Netherlands to Austria – A journey of love

From Netherlands to Austria. What? Yes! These two cuties came all the way from the Netherlands to Austria for a session with me. How amazing is that? When Denise first wrote me she told me that she is dying to having a beautiful session for her and her boyfriend. Just form her cute full of love email I already know that meeting them is going to be an amazing experience. She told me about how they meet, how long they have been together and some other cute little stories and I just feel in love with them right there. The problem was that I had my hands full at that time and I had no time to come to the Netherlands and so we decided to wait, knowing that this has to happen because we both felt that we can have a great day shooting and exploring together.
A few months later I receive a new email, this time from her awesome boyfriend. He wrote me that her birthday is coming up and he knows how much she wanted to have that couples session. He decided to take her on a few days road trip to Austria and to meet me for the session she always wanted. Now in my opinion this is en awesome way not only to travel and celebrate with the person you love but to also go back with a pile full of photos that would always remind them of this day.
I will always be so thankful for these two for coming all this way because it was one of the best days I have had! I am sure that I’ll see them again probably this time in the Netherlands 😉

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