Let me tell you a little but about my self.My name is Faran, I am married to the most amazing man, Marting & since a very young age I was in love with art. Growing in a small community in Israel in, the middle of the desert, with a lot of freedom to run around and a lot of nature, have always been en inspration to me. Now I live in Austria and after all this years of living in the desert, I am finaly serrounded by greens, rivers and forests! But the truth is, that no matter where I am my biggest inspration comes from the people I meet.

I love traveling and campfire nights that goes on till morning! I love listening to music in full volium and I love wolking out in the rain without en ambrella! But photography is what makes me feel like I can give something back to the beautiful people that pass my way. I love looking at a photo and feel that this moment that was captured, this tiny second that almost been unnoticed, will forever saty to be a reminder of beauty & love. Your story, is special to me and uniq. Becuase each story is a whole world.

Let’s meet!