Hey there! My name is Faran Holzer and I am a traveler wedding photographer based in the beautiful mountains of lower Austria.
I am en Israeli girl and I moved to Europ right after I said yes to the best husbend in the world, my best friend and my amazing buisnes parten, Martin. He is the main reason I smile every day and I just love him so much! I also love hiking to beautiful place, sitting next to the fire under the stars, listening to good music, stay up late playing board games and making new friends!
My photography and my couples means everything to me! Capturing thoes tiny moments of life, that usualy just pass us by, is my biggest pasion. I am not a “posing” kind of photographer. I am not going to try and make you look perfect, I am going to capture you just the way you are! So be wierd if you want or funny or serous, but be you! I want to capture you while you are laughing like crazy, or while u wisper  words of love to eachother.
I want you to look afterwards at you pics and say: “this is us, when no else is looking”. To leave you with memories that will forever make you laugh, and will show you how much you love eachother.